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Industry standard in matters of productivity

Data publicare 10 Octombrie 2023
RaBit is a plug and play, ERP system, based on best practices, in cloud, developed for small and medium sized companies in AEC industries (architecture, engineering and constructions). What RaBit does is to help managers plan and monitor projects and companies' resources, automate back-office tasks and offer real-time data in order to take good and informed decision.
Currently 80% of the projects are over budget, 5% of companies resources are spent for offering real time data to the owner. The main reason for this is the lack of digitalizaion, only 14% of the 280.000 SMEs in this industry being somehow digitalised and the reason for that is the lack of resources, time needed for implementation and the budget needed to do this. This is what differentiates RaBit: it can be used starting from day one, it's easy to use and any company can afford it

By implementig this Grant, RaBit follows to achieve the following results:

To standardize the AEC industry (architecture, engineering and constructions) from the productivity perspective by creating some unit refereneces relevant to each industry branch
Estimated annual decrease of CO2 emissions from 256,42 tons of CO2 (year 2019) to 209,63 tons of CO2 (2022).
A great consequence of this implementation will be to add value to our product, by adding new important features, which will have an impact in sales growth and product image in this industry